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3 quick ways to see if you qualify for the next child tax credit payment

The first advance monthly payment already went out to eligible families. It's not too late to make sure y


Still didn't get your child tax credit payment? Try doing these things

If you qualify but didn't receive your child tax credit money, there are steps you can take before next m


August child tax credit: Here's how to get the right payment amount

Was July's child tax credit payment less than you expected? Use our calculator to compare the numbers bef


Unenroll from monthly child tax credit checks using this IRS portal. We'll show you how

An online tool lets parents manage and opt out of the advance payments this year. Plus, it can offer clues abo


Still no sign of your child tax credit payment? Here's what to do

Get help with any child tax credit issues now before the next check is sent.


2021 advance child tax credit FAQ: Opt out deadlines, payment schedule and more

Still unsure about when the next payment arrives or how to unenroll? We have the answers.


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