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Stimulus check: Plus-up payment status, IRS deadline schedule, more to know

The latest wave of stimulus checks includes 2 million new payments for $4.3 billion. Check your delivery statu


Child tax credit 2021: You can opt out of the monthly payments. Here's how

You can choose to get one large child tax credit check instead of having it divided into smaller payments. We&


What qualifies a dependent for the child tax credit 2021? We'll explain

Dependents have eligibility requirements to meet for you to receive the new child tax credit payment of up to


Are you eligible for the child tax credit expansion? 2021 income limits and more

What qualifies someone for the 2021 child tax credit? Here's what to know before the IRS starts sending o


Child tax credit 2021: When the first payment will go out and how often checks will be sent

How much money total will you get with the new child tax credit: $500, $3,000 or $3,600? Here's everythin


Haven't got your stimulus check yet? How to request an IRS trace to track your payment

Missing any one of the three stimulus checks? We'll tell you when and how to get in touch with the IRS to


Haven't got your third stimulus check yet? Track your $1,400 payment from the IRS

Find out where your third stimulus check is with the IRS Get My Payment tool and get an update on your payment


‘Book your dream trip now. Pay later’: Airlines, hotels and cruise lines are peddling monthly payment plans. Should you bite?

Southwest Airlines, Vrbo and other travel companies are jumping on the buy now, pay later payment trend made p


Stimulus checks for SSI, SSDI recipients: 12 things to know about your payment status

What Social Security recipients and those who receive VA benefits need to know about their stimulus check.


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