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Apex Legends Havoc Nerf Declared Unintentional, Will Be Reverted

Apex Legends Havoc nerf to magazine capacity was an unintentional change that Respawn Entertainment plans to r

Denver's Game 4 Win Proves Nuggets-Blazers is the Best NBA Playoff Series We've Seen in Long Time

In the unlikeliest of places, NBA fans have finally found prime entertainment during the postseason. An event

Showtime Boss Mocks Disney+ & HBO Max Upcoming Streamers – TCA

Showtime Entertainment’s boss had some scathing streaming news to announce today at the TCA. Opening with a

7 Most Fascinating Facts About Japan That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Fascinting facts of japan go from population, food, sports, technology and even entertainment. Did you know ta

Take a crash course in the year’s best films with one critic’s best-of video countdown

If you like lists—and if you’re a frequenter of this and other pop culture websites, you almost certainly

Rich Battista Quit as Imagine Entertainment CEO After Clashes With Staff: 'A Real Hothead' (Exclusive)

"Short temper. Short fuse," one insider says of shortlived CEO

5 Fun Ways to Liven Up a Children’s Party | CityToast 2 SouthernTea

Throwing a Children's party? Looking for different ideas to keep your guest entertained? Check out my 5 f

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie band together in the powerful “'Bombshell,' write

How Netflix uses psychology to perfect their customer experience

If there’s a company that’s synonymous with seamless customer experience, it’s Netflix. It has become th


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