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Daguerreotype of Helen Louise Gilson, an American Civil War nurse who cared for wounded and dying soldiers at numerous battles, and advocated for a better hospital for black soldiers and the creation of the Colored Hospital Service. 1860s.

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Another trade day find... Western 532 Westlock. I had the May /June 1980 American Blade magazine with the ad from 40 years ago for it.

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Will Butler on How White Privilege, Race Reporting Informed New Solo LP

Songwriter examines his family history — and American history — on ‘Generations’

“I Think…She Would Seriously Consider Running for President”: Inside Meghan Markle’s Political Ambitions

Her representatives insist she has no plan to run for office, but a close friend suggests it’s the main reas

The 125 American Cichlid tank. I love this space.

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This Native American Trans Beauty Queen Is Reviving an Ancient Tradition

Before white settlers came, tribes revered those who embodied both genders. This year’s Miss International T


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AmeRícan by Tato Laviera | Poetry Foundation


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