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The Enchanting Cloud Forest Dome And Flower Dome In Singapore

The enchanting Cloud Forest Dome and Flower Dome in Singapore are huge futuristic conservatories showcasing ex

Changes in the Behavior of Fires Threaten Over 4,400 Species Worldwide

A new paper documented the effects of changes in the behavior of fires, from being too large or too little, th

Chinese Flowering Plant Evolves To Stay Hidden From Humans

Flowering plants are some of nature’s greatest show-offs. Donned with brightly colored petals and evocative

Antrim dinosaur bones 'belong to different species'

The bones found in Antrim were from a Scelidosaurus and a carnivore similar to Sarcosaurus, researchers find.

Mineral body armor helps some leaf-cutting ants win fights with bigger kin

Researchers have found that at least one species of leaf-cutting ant has a tough layer of calcite on its exosk

Gremlins 3 Writer Reveals Creatures Will Not Be CGI

Whenever Gremlins 3 makes it to our screens, the titular creatures won’t be recreated with CGI. Joe Dante’

New species for the little guy :)

New species for the little guy :)


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