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Three years after planting this Lenoir Black Spanish grape has bestowed its blessings. This is a hardy and prolific cross breed between Vitis vinifera from France and Vitis aestivalis, a Native American species. Works well in Texas and will make a beautiful Cabernet!

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Other subreddits seemed to like my setup so I figured I'd share it here also. Gaming setup/reptile room. Mostly Anacondas and Rattlesnakes with a few other species as well. It's nothing "special" but I feel its kinda unique for a gaming room.

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30 Species Of Bats That Look Too Bizarre To Be Considered Bats

Even if the current events that have shaken our lives lately have made you think otherwise, bats are really am

Habitat Loss Sparks Cascade of Ecosystem Damage: Study

The effects of shrinking habitats on wildlife are more profound and wide ranging than often assumed, a study p

Quarter of UK mammals 'under threat'

Review of UK mammals finds that a quarter of native species are at "imminent threat of extinction".

Three different species of trout for dinner tonight. All three were caught in the same hundred yard stretch of river

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Can Black Rhinos and White Rhinos Mate?

In nature we see many similar looking species living in close proximity to one another yet they remain as sepa


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