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Baby Boom For Wolf Spiders As Arctic Summers Get Warmer

Concerning stats continue to emerge about warming conditions in the Arctic, but a new study has found that for

'Joker' Velvet Spider Named After Actor And Animal Right's Activist Joaquin Phoenix

A strikingly patterned new species of velvet spider has been discovered in Iran, which marks the first time a

WATCH: Rescued sloth bears are having fun learning to be free

These rescued sloth bears in India are having fun just being safe. In India, there is a long tradition of anim

Self-Confessed ‘Plant Daddy’ Addicted To Owning House Plants Has Spent $5,000 On 200 Species

A self-described ‘plant addict’ from California has earned the nickname ‘Plant Daddy’ after splurging

Birdlike Skull Of ‘Smallest Known Dinosaur’ Found In 99-Million-Year-Old Amber

The newly-discovered species is said to be “smaller than a bee hummingbird.”

Twilight Zone season 2 exclusive: Scientists dive into a world of terror

Season 2 of CBS All Access' reboot of the sci-fi classic hits Thursday, and in one episode, things get cr

Can I get a species ID, she was 8lbs, I got her on a square bill crank

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