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To celebrate the release of my standalone space-fantasy I'm giving away a free Kindle book

Flags, Hate Symbols and QAnon Shirts: Decoding the Capitol Riot

TIME analyzed videos and photographs to determine what the symbols the Capitol Hill rioters carried with them

Rare 4-Stranded DNA Has Been Observed in Action For The First Time

Two thin strands wound together in a spiraling helix: This is the iconic shape of a DNA molecule. But sometime

What's my stimulus check status? Tips to track it online with the Get My Payment app

The IRS has one week to send your payment before the cutoff. Will it make it in time? We've got instructi

Snakes are climbing poles using a terrifying new technique

"We watched that part of the video about 15 times. It was a shocker. Nothing I'd ever seen compares


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“Communism is like one big phone company.”

Lenny Bruce