Ayield.com is for sale!

Ayield.com is for Sale!

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With the loss of journalism outlets, homogeneity becomes the norm

On October 20, Minneapolis alt-weekly City Pages reported that the Minneapolis police deputy chief had been de


This small device could go a long way in tackling food insecurity

The researchers believe their findings can aid farmers to maximize crop yield.


Indian agtech venture CropIn raises $20 million

ImpactAlpha, January 11 – Bangalore-based CropIn helps farmers analyze crop yields and risks with satellites


35 Products Whose Before-And-After Photos Are Truly Remarkable

What can we say? Remarkable products yield remarkable results.


Academics and civil servants trade places to boost farm yields

Agricultural agreements between Australian universities and government agencies could overhaul farm profitabil


Humanitarian action: Amplifying voices through digital platforms

Investment in digital tools like U-Report has seen the platform grow to 12 million users in 75 countries and y


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