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Slack: Our 'terrible, horrible day' when outage forced us into Zoom meeting set up by email

Email killer Slack had to have a Zoom meeting when its engineers could no longer use Slack due to its own outa

How to report a phishing or spam email to Microsoft

Microsoft can analyze dangerous emails to determine why those messages made it past your spam filters.

Coronavirus cases increasing at UC Berkeley due to frat parties

On Wednesday afternoon, UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students received an email from the Office of the Vice

Why people forget their email passwords the most often

Many users save their email password and so don't remember it if they have to enter or reset it, says Nor

Hackers Try to Phish Business Executives With COVID-19 Bonus Promise

The hackers sent millions of phishing emails, largely directed at chief executives and senior managers in both

Six tips for writing emails that aren’t absolute garbage

Crafting better, more thoughtful messages can help make email better for everyone. This is where we help you o

Cosmic Lynx cyber crime group takes BEC to new heights

Newly identified Russian threat group targets large organisations with increasingly dangerous business email c

Lead fire consultant 'ignored' cladding email

Terry Ashton said he did not read information sent to him because he was not the "primary recipient"

4G Balloons To Provide Internet Access Across Kenya

A network of giant balloons will provide internet access to remote areas of Kenya. The internet-enabled balloo


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