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Which regional airlines are hiring as of now AND North American Regional Airline Interview, Call Back and Job Report. Intel for all. Its been a little bit...

Week 11? I don't know lol. I got busy. This is will be my second to last week/post. Things are going so w

Trump Impeachment Vote Could Hurt Democratic Candidates: Internal DCCC Email

In an email accidentally sent to reporters, a staffer wondered whether highlighting Trump's impeachment w

Listen: Fauci's emails, FDA kremlinology, & covering the 'CRISPR babies'

In this episode, we discuss why it's so hard to predict FDA decisions, and why the latest big deal in bio

Career Strategist On Twitter Shares How To Send Job Applications Via Email And Goes Viral

The Real CV Guru on Twitter shared what your email should look like when you're applying for a job and mo

Opinion: A “more ammonium solution” to mitigate nitrogen pollution and boost crop yields

Two of the world’s great agricultural challenges require bold new approaches and could share a solution. Nit

Working from home: Call to ban out-of-hours emails from bosses

The UK government is urged to bring in a French-style law giving workers "the right to disconnect".

Have a special relationship w/Bay Area fog? A foggy encounter you'll never forget? Email short description to & we may reach out about recording your story for an upcoming exhibit! (Photo by Brocken Inaglory.)

Have a special relationship w/Bay Area fog? A foggy encounter you'll never forget? Email short descriptio

Apple's Tim Cook reportedly asks employees to return to office in September

Apple CEO says the company is missing face-to-face interaction, according to an email obtained by The Verge.


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