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Introducing the Key Shoe Trends the Fashion Crowd Is Losing It Over

These are the cool shoe trends you're guaranteed to see on fashion insiders this season.

Dark Academia Is the Latest Trend You're Going to Hear a Lot About

Since October 2020, this trend has been picking up speed. Dark academia is the fashion trend you didn't k

"More cities are incorporating biophilicdesign approaches [...] while some genuinely practice regenerative & sustainable design methods others could be placed into the category of 'greenwashing' to satisfy trends & bolster their firm's PR efforts."

"More cities are incorporating biophilicdesign approaches [...] while some genuinely practice regenerativ

Lily-Rose Depp Wore the Pants Trend Gen Z Is Making a Thing

Lily-Rose Depp keeps wearing this pants trend, so let's discuss. See how she's styling them and get

Celebs Are Obsessed With This Low-rise Pants Trend–bella Hadid’s Are Insane!


A Guide on how women can make their dressing styles unique

With fast-changing and evolving fashion trends, a woman of substance always emerges with a unique style that m

The Big Problem With Your Company's Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness may be one of the most research-backed management trends, but it doesn't help in every situat

Marketers say commerce is both a priority and a challenge for accelerating brand

With technology and consumer behaviours pushing the acceleration of change for marketers, iProspect has launch

These Are the 10 Biggest Trends for Fall 2021, Period

Discover the most important fashion trends from the fall/winter 2021 collections.


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