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Bread. Hummus. Sprouts. Tomatoes. Cashew cream cheese. Sliced cucumbers. Spread avocado on 2nd slice of bread. In that order, don't alter it you animal.

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Baked Vegan Taquitos with Cashew Queso & Seasoned Tofu Crumbles! So Delicious!

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A user asked what I eat, it's mainly bowls or legume pastas. Tempeh and veggie protein rice with some nuts and assorted vegetables, cashew yogurt for sauce. Banza pasta with seitan bacon, broccoli, mushroom and a tiny bit of nooch on the upper right. Then a seitan, quinoa bowl on bottom.

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Vegan Corn Chowder | Cashew Cream | Dill | Chives | Fritos (cuz we fancy 🤣)

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Hash brown waffle with cashew sour cream and garden fresh tomatoes

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Roasted squash with cashew Alfredo and broccoli - INSANE!!!!!!

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Zucchini Pesto Pasta

Here’s a fresh take on classic pesto—a zucchini-cashew version that might just become your new favorite. A

Chicken Curry with Cashew Powder

Depending on the region, the base for Indian curries is usually onion, tomato and/or yogurt along with combina

Quick & Easy Vegan Cream Cheese

Super quick and easy Vegan Cream Cheese made with cashews, tofu and oat milk. You will love how creamy it is a


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