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Louis Vuitton cityscape jackets dress you up in 3D urban architecture

You probably can't visit Paris right now, but that doesn't mean you can't wear its landmarks.

Extra Crunch roundup: Digital health VC survey, edtech M&A, deep tech marketing, more

Speaking as an unvaccinated urban dweller: I'd rather speak to a nurse or doctor via my laptop than try t

Brooks: The case for Biden optimism, starting with a moral revival

His values cut across the left/right, urban/rural culture war we’ve been enduring for a generation.

These are the 10 most congested cities in the world

The global response to the pandemic has dramatically changed the volume of traffic on busy urban roads – but

Is Your Beloved Outdoors Gear Bad for the Planet?

A new study shows that some in-demand technical gear sheds “forever chemicals” into the environment. What&

Native American fire management at an ancient wildland–urban interface in the Southwest United States

As residential development continues into flammable landscapes, wildfires increasingly threaten homes, lives,

Future of Urbanism in China: How Can We Build a Livable City?

As we are entering 2021 after a year of anxiety and uncertainties, what are your expectation for our future? T

Pocket Park on Xinhua Road, Shanghai / SHUISHI

Completed in 2020 in Shanghai, China. Images by Hao Chen, Yang Zhou, Xiu Wang, Songshan Sheng. We hope to crea

COVID-19 contributed to sharp decline in completed skyscrapers in 2020

The pandemic dampened construction, and according to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, there wa


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