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How to use the Preview Pane add-on for File Explorer in Windows 10 PowerToys

The Preview Pane add-on offers a way to view more types of files without having to open them. Learn how to use

How to find open apps with the Window Walker tool in Windows 10 PowerToys

Learn how to use the Window Walker tool to search for and locate open windows, based on keyword.

Independence Day: The best tools for working safely from anywhere

Break free of the office and create for yourself an effective work from home setup that's also great for

How to Clean Your Grill the Right Way

The best barbecue and grilled food always includes a grill that’s well taken care of. Here’s how to clean

NASA Welcomes You To Explore Mars Aboard Curiosity Rover In New Online Tool

You can label parts of the terrain in the landscape surrounding the Curiosity rover.

Top 20 Social Listening Tools For Effective Business Growth - Blog Apolline Adiju | Marketing Strategist

Social listening tools brands need to track competitors, listen to consumer feedbacks, monitor brand sentiment

Running Car 'Faces' Through An AI Face-Processing Algorithm Is Amazing And Terrifying

You may have heard recently about a new AI algorithm designed to extrapolate what a face looks like from reall

Harvard's New Online Tool Shows Just How Serious COVID-19 Is Where You Live

Is your county red, orange, yellow, or green?

Omar Abudayyeh

CRISPR has been called the discovery of the century for its potential to change biomedical research and treatm


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