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Florida man tells cops playing basketball naked ‘enhances’ skills

This naked Florida man was way out of bounds. Jordon Glen Anderson, 29, faces charges after he was busted with

France to Lead Global Fashion Sustainability Effort

Destroying unsold clothing and shoes key targets.

Behind the Scenes at BTS’ Big ‘Good Morning America’ Performance

The screaming really is that loud. It’s a physical force — a shrill, trebly shriek that crackles the eardr

Brit Bjorklund: Filling the Need for a Personal Clothing Stylist in the Island of Kauai | Blog

Are you ready to redefine your wardrobe and feel confident in your clothes? Get in touch with an experienced c

Not All Plus-size Bodies Are Exactly the Same—This Brand Gets It

“It always felt to me that clothing should fit us as we are, not that we should fit clothing as it comes.”

I Don't Know Who Needs To See These 24 Tweets, But It Just Might Be You

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but empty the lint trap in your clothes dryer."

As Leaks Show Lavish NRA Spending, Former Staff Detail Poor Conditions At Nonprofit

New documents leaked about NRA top executive Wayne LaPierre's lavish clothing and travel expenses contras

Whoopi Goldberg's New Clothing Line Just Solved Your Biggest Fashion Dilemma

"You should be able to walk in your closet, no matter how you’re feeling, and say, ‘Ooh, I know this

DIY waxed fabric planters - PAPER PAINT AND CLOTH

Learn how to wax and waterproof your own fabric to make these cheerful and highly versatile planters with eyel


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