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How the plastic IN our clothes is one of the ocean's biggest polluters (and it's washing them that's doing the damage)

About 60% of our clothing is guilty.

Billie Eilish sparks debate after revealing why she wears baggy clothes in new ad campaign

Billie Eilish has sparked debate after revealing the reason why she chooses to wear baggy clothes in a recent

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Harry Styles Keeps His Clothes In A Giant Refrigerator

The garments are all under 24-hour surveillance. Chic!

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Kashee’s Mehndi Dresses Kashee’s” what do you think after looking this name? A brand ? yes it’s a bran

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How Paris got a taste for second-hand style from Africa

Clothes dealer Amah Ayivi finds vintage gems in Togo and sells them on to fashion lovers in Paris.

I'm STAPLE Founder Jeffstaple, and This Is How I Work

Jeff Ng was a sneakerhead before they called them sneakerheads. Better known by his handle @jeffstaple—named

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