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Dr. Bernice King and Mayor Michael Tubbs on How Universal Basic Income Can Help Address the Racial Wealth Gap

Dr. Bernice King and Stockton, Calif. Mayor Michael Tubbs discussed racial wealth gap and environmental injust

Asia’s Music Scene Is More Than Just K-Pop: 6 New Artists To Listen To Now

We have a lot to thank K-pop for — Blackpink, BTS and SuperM, to name a few — but there’s also a wealth

Unlucky Numbers

This unlikely millionaire couldn’t have been a better advertisement for the lottery: a day laborer down to h

Watch: 5 Genius DIY Camera Hacks, Which Anyone Can Pull Off, In 1 Minute

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Video screenshots via Sheldon Evans One fantastic perk about the internet is th

The world's richest people are getting more and more annoyed at how much it costs them to look after their money

33% of millionaires surveys were found to be unhappy with the fees their wealth manager charges them, Capgemin

Canada’s 1% Is Incredibly Rich. Their Wealth Needs to Be Taxed.

American leftists look to Canada’s more robust social-welfare state with envy. But all is not well north of


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