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Whatever happened to the charity ad?

Creative director Paul Burke reflects on the decline in charity advertising he says has corresponded with a ri



Google accused again of price-fixing with Facebook in proposed class-action suit

The complaint says Facebook was given "special information" for online advertising auctions.

Facebook Reportedly Researching Ways to Use Encrypted WhatsApp Messages for Targeted Advertisements

Facebook is researching ways to analyze encrypted data, such as WhatsApp messages, without actually decrypting

Boosting people’s ability to detect microtargeted advertising: teaching people to detect manipulative, targeted advertisement by prompting them to self-reflect on their own relevant personality dimensions, *but* simply describing these dimensions (aka labels) did not do the trick.

Boosting people’s ability to detect microtargeted advertising: teaching people to detect manipulative, targe

The Stealthy Politics of Urban Advertising

From billboards to graffiti to guerrilla marketing, civic and commercial interests have long fought to control

2021 Media Jury President Charu Aggarwal on advertising and culture change

Havas Group Chief Strategy Officer, Charu Aggarwal, joins the ‘Love This’ podcast to discuss why empowerme

Should P&G’s new finance-focused boss worry its marketers?

P&G announced on Friday that chief executive of six years David Taylor would depart the organization with

‘World’s Steepest Dive Coaster’ Opening Next Year

The ‘world’s steepest dive rollercoaster’ is coming to Texas in 2022. A dive coaster is simple: it’s a


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“America has begun a spiritual reawakening. Faith and hope are being restored. Americans are turning back to God. Church attendance is up. Audiences for religious books and broadcasts are growing. And I do believe that he has begun to heal our blessed land.”

President Ronald Reagan, to the National Association of Evangelicals, Columbus, Ohio