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Ethereum will be the backbone of the new internet and it's not even started yet

Each month, another company publishes a whitepaper, claiming to have solved the scalability problems faced by

Facebook hit with EU and UK antitrust probes over potential ad data abuses

Regulators want to know whether Facebook is using data gathered from advertisers to directly compete with them

Today I Learned you can not advertise on @GoogleAds if you use @googleanalytics competitors like @matomo_org . I only use Matomo it for simpler GDPR. Does @Google have the same policy for

Today I Learned you can not advertise on @GoogleAds if you use @googleanalytics competitors like @matomo_org .

Disney Ad Sales Creates Minority-Owned Business Initiative

The Accelerator Program will provide custom advertising strategies to 10 companies.

FIFA 22 Could Finally Be A Game-Changer As Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot 'Online Career Mode' Hint

An EA job listing advertised an Online Software Engineer role and made reference to an online career mode, whi


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