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Woman's Hilarious Ad For Dog She Wants To Put Up For Adoption

Prancer the Chihuahua is up for adoption - and her current owner didn't hold back when advertising him on



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This Website Lets You Know If Google Is Spying On You

First Apple introduced a feature to let you know if your phone was listening to you, now there’s a way of fi

White Lives Matter Rallies Flop After Hardly Anyone Turns Up Except Counter Protestors

Various White Lives Matter Rallies planned in cities across the US have reportedly flopped after hardly anyone

Chrome users, check if Google is tracking you with new targeted advertising

Cookies are out, FLoCs are in.

Google has a secret blocklist that hides YouTube hate videos from advertisers — but it’s full of holes

Many well-known White supremacist and White nationalist terms and slogans were not blocked on Google's bl


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