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Parties offer divergent portraits of Barrett on eve of Senate hearings

The Senate on Monday will dive into an extraordinary week of Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy

US election 2020: who is supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett?

Today is the start of the confirmation process for Amy Coney Barrett, Donald Trump’s deeply conservative pic

Amy Coney Barrett: What's at stake in Supreme Court fight

The battle to get Donald Trump's nominee to the top court confirmed will have an impact across the US.

The transformation of Lindsey Graham

The South Carolina senator is in a tough reelection battle in a race turbocharged by his role as a Trump defen

Supreme Court pick vows to 'apply law as written'

Amy Coney Barrett will justify her nomination by President Trump in a Senate hearing this week.

Not Just Another Conservative Vote: How Amy Coney Barrett Could Influence the Supreme Court

Barrett may be able to unite the six justices on the right and shape the language of majority rulings


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