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A federal appeals court throws into question the fate of 'skinny labels' — and access to generic drugs - STAT

Generic companies "in some sense, are now between a rock and a hard place,” said Christopher Morten of

Joel Embiid reunion with Andre Drummond is priceless

One of the best on-court beefs we've seen in recent years is no question the one between Andre Drummond a

[Carmelo Anthony] Thank you Portland, for letting me love the game of basketball again. Thank you for welcoming me into your community, and supporting me both on the court and in your city. These two years were some of the most important ones of my career, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

Tweet Thank you Portland, for letting me love the game of basketball again. Thank you for welcoming me into yo

Turkish Influencer Arrested 'For Sharing Photos From Amsterdam’s Sex Museum’

Turkish influencer Merve Taskin says she has been summoned to court on charges relating to obscenity

Want to Sue Someone on a Court Reality Show? Ask Me How

If you're a fighter with a fashion business and you get ripped off, what do you do? Brand-pimp on daytime

Zoom Lied about End-to-End Encryption - Schneier on Security

The facts aren’t news, but Zoom will pay $85M — to the class-action attorneys, and to users — for lying

Love Island Fans Spot Cute Bedroom Habit Proving Liam Reardon And Millie Court Are Meant To Be Together

Liam Reardon and Millie Court both share a bedroom habit - and fans can't help but think it's adorab

Mexico sues U.S. gun makers, eyes $10 bln in damages

Mexico sued several gun makers in a U.S. federal court on Wednesday, accusing them of reckless business practi

Love Island: Fans Confused By Liam Reardon's 'Creepy' Bedtime Antics

Love Island fans are creeped out by Liam Reardon spraying aftershave on Millie Court's pillow


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