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Supreme Court will hear Facebook robocalling case

Were unwanted Facebook text messages illegal?

Trump brags doctors were 'very surprised' at his secret cognitive test

President Trump now claiming he “aced” a cognitive test he took recently, leaving doctors “very surprise

How has Trump's Supreme Court changed America?

This court has been billed the most conservative in modern history. But does it vote that way?

Goodwin's Court

An easily overlooked stretch of ornate window fronts and gaslight lamps that could be right from the pages of

Detroit Police Wrongfully Arrested Another Black Man Falsely Identified by Face Recognition

For more than a year, people opposed to giving police access to face recognition technology have pointed to cr

With wave of major rulings, Roberts and Supreme Court emerge as powerful counterweight to Trump and Congress

With November’s election looming, the court’s five Republican-appointed conservatives and four liberals pi

Trump loses twice in Supreme Court on financial records cases but can keep fighting in lower courts

In two 7-2 decisions written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Donald Trump

July 16 hearing set in N.Y. Trump tax case after Supreme Court ruling

Prosecutors Urge Texas Appeals Court to Deny Crystal Mason En Banc Hearing on Voter Fraud Conviction

Prosecutors in Texas asked a state appellate court not to reconsider the case of Crystal Mason, a woman who wa Courts


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