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Val Kilmer's 14 Greatest Genre Movie Roles

Val Kilmer has made all kinds of movies throughout his long career, and many of his most high-profile performa


Shane Dawson apologizes for offensive YouTube content, from blackface to homicide fantasies

"I should lose everything," declared YouTuber Shane Dawson in a video he uploaded Friday to his chan


Jon Stewart's 'Irresistible' is a condescending fantasy of 'real' America

No thanks.


Distant Lands or no, BMO and Adventure Time are as wonderful as ever

BMO retains Adventure Time’s ability to tackle surprisingly big feelings with both humor and out-there sci-f


'Dungeons & Dragons' Race Issues Have Deep Roots In The World Of Fantasy

Wizards of the Coast, the company behind D&D, vowed to revise the idea of inherently evil "races&quot


Pearl Jewellery To Live Out Your Audrey Hepburn Fantasies In

The lustre of June’s birthstone has captivated Hollywood icons and royals alike


Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner To Remake The Princess Bride

There’s probably very few films quite so comforting as The Princess Bride, a classic sick-day movie filled w


Pan person: Guillermo del Toro talks to Mark Kermode about Pan’s Labyrinth | from the Sight & Sound archives

In this feature from our December 2006 issue, Guillermo del Toro talks to Mark Kermode about creating the vivi


Christopher John Rogers Is Ready to Conjure Up a New Kind of Fashion Fantasy

The designer is opening a new chapter of his flamboyant, award-winning label.


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