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Officially debt free 2 days before my 32nd birthday. Paid off our house and the 16 acres it sits on. Work smart and hard when all your friends are calling it a day.

Officially debt free 2 days before my 32nd birthday. Paid off our house and the 16 acres it sits on. Work smar

Trump leaves office facing mounting debt, devalued assets and scarcity of willing lenders

One of the consequences of the chaos of the U.S. Capitol is a distancing of banks and other business from form

"Now let's cancel them," Demands AOC as Biden extends pause on student loan payments

"Biden can cancel all $1.7 trillion of student debt by executive order," said The Debt Collective

Barcelona request delay on 'imminent debts' amid threat of bankruptcy

Barcelona have turned to banks and lenders in a bid for leniency as they fight against the threat of possible

Thousands in Rent Debt, No End In Sight: Five New Yorkers’ Stories

“I feel like if COVID doesn’t kill me, the stress will.”

Russian Yard Keeper ‘s Mock GQ Photoshoot Helps Him To Pay Off His Crippling Debt

The Internet can be a terrible place. But it can do wonders, too. Recently, a yard keeper named Yury Vetlugin

Is This the World’s New Most Expensive Piece of Art?

Beer company Natty Light is the unlikely force behind the Da Vinci of Debt, now on view in Grand Central Stati

Moore: Biden and democrats need to hold GOP accountable for enabling Trump, attack on Capitol

Since taking office, President Biden has already issued a series of executive orders addressing Covid-19, stud

Finances Unscathed by Pandemic? Seize the Moment and Tackle Debt

If you have a steady income despite pandemic uncertainty, now's the time to chip away at debt and use a m


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