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Directors Amber Sealey & Joe Berlinger Spar Over Their Ted Bundy Projects Ahead Of ‘No Man Of God’s Premiere

Directors Amber Sealey and Joe Berlinger got caught up in a feud, ahead of the June 11 Tribeca premiere of Sea

Vivaldi browser 4.0 adds a mail client, calendar and RSS reader

Vivaldi, a Google Chrome challenger, rethinks the email client for the browser.

Brave Browser = Scam. A Fake Privacy Browser Sharing Your "Untracked" Data With Facebook & Others

repost from privacytools sub. There’s a reason why brave is generally advised against on privacy subreddits,

Sales Manager - Enterprise at Jiga

Jiga (YC W21) is changing the way companies build physical products. We are building an online B2B marketplace

Science Says You Should Mute Those Work Emails on Vacation

At a time when remote-only offices make it hard to log off, new research shows the importance of setting bound

Will Apple Mail threaten the newsletter boom?

How Mail Protection Privacy will force the email economy to adapt

What AI still can’t do

In less than a decade, computers have become extremely good at diagnosing diseases, translating languages, and


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