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Digital now more than half of global adspend

Global market will shrink by 9.1% this year, according to Zenith, representing a slightly smaller decline than


Biden’s running-mate search is getting ‘outsized attention’ and could even shake the stock market — here’s how

As Joe Biden’s campaign wraps up its work on picking his running mate, the effort has been drawing heightene


Stop buying new pans I found this 90 years old skillet and brought it back to life. These will last several generations and work better at cooking than anything new on the market. If you find an old one or have a dirty rusty one laying in the garage

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Job-hunt: 'I apply everywhere - few firms reply'

The pandemic has created a desperate hunt for jobs in an increasingly competitive market.


Netmarketshare: Chrome now officially has more than 70% of the desktop browser market.

Netmarketshare has released the market share for April 2020. The data shows a slight jump in Edge's marke


Do I jump ship and join another manufacturer now, or hang on until Covid stops ravaging the job market? Asking sincerely. Send help.

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Apple Glasses Patent Suggests Any Surface Could Become a Virtual Touch Interface

It's been increasingly clear that Apple has been working on an AR/VR Headset for the consumer market. Ori


Sharp AQUOS R5G heads to the global market; launched in Taiwan

Back in February this year, Sharp announced the company’s first 5G flagship of the year – Sharp Aquos R5G


iPhone SE attracting Android switchers, unlikely to cannibalize iPhone 12 sales

New data from Counterpoint Research today highlights the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on smartph


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What is Social Media Marketing? | Buffer


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