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Segregation Has Gotten Worse, Not Better, and It's Fueling the Wealth Gap Between Black and White Americans

'Everybody thinks that something was solved back in the 60s, but no, it wasn’t really solved, it just c

What is Generational Wealth and How Do You Build It?

Generational wealth can be hard to build, let alone pass along to your descendants. However, that doesn't

LeBron James' Media Company to Teach the History Behind Wealth Disparity

The country is slowly turning over a new leaf, one that will hopefully lead to a racially conscious society th

How To Make Strategic & Impactful Donations, According To A Personal Finance Expert

For advice on how to get our money to make a real difference in the world, we spoke to Patrice Washington, per

Why the Widening Wealth Gap Is Bad News for Everyone

Stockpickers have always considered long-term trends. It’s time to look at economic inequality. It’s growi


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