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Extastic.com is for Sale!

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Fans ecstatic after first glimpse of new Netflix series about Selena Quintanilla Pérez

"Selena was a superstar when she was alive, but she was made a legend through her death," says a fan


I have a type 1 bipolar disorder and wanted to capture the mania of it. Many people think that it's only great and ecstatic, but it's not like that.

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Horse shaking the dust off

Posted in r/BetterEveryLoop by u/Ecstatic-Fig • 18,119 points and 100 comments


Absolutely ecstatic, just changed broken glass in the stove for the first time!

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First session on the deck of my new house. The monkeys are ecstatic!

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Fans ecstatic to see Dreamcatcher's Handong returning to South Korea

Recently, there has been news spreading through the online community about Dream Catcher member Handong.Last y


Molly Goddard SS21 was a reminder of life's sweetest joys

The designer invited us into her studio to witness her ecstatic, tulle-filled collection firsthand.


Tune-Yards – “nowhere, man”

Two years ago, Tune-Yards were busy. In 2018, the wild, ecstatic indie rock duo came out with the album i can


Madonna's 'Music' Turns 20

"This is the future of sound." This was Madonna, talking to Billboard in August of 2000. She was des


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