Extastic.com is for sale!

Extastic.com is for Sale!

Hurry once it's sold this opportunity will be gone!


Molly Goddard SS21 was a reminder of life's sweetest joys

The designer invited us into her studio to witness her ecstatic, tulle-filled collection firsthand.


Tune-Yards – “nowhere, man”

Two years ago, Tune-Yards were busy. In 2018, the wild, ecstatic indie rock duo came out with the album i can


Madonna's 'Music' Turns 20

"This is the future of sound." This was Madonna, talking to Billboard in August of 2000. She was des


The 100 Best Songs of 2017

From Lorde’s ecstatic emotional cleansing to Frank Ocean’s ode to cycling to Cardi B’s rampaging banger


Psychedelic Fishes from the World’s First Natural History Encyclopedia of Marine Creatures Illustrated in Color

An explosion of wonder at the borderline of science and the ecstatic imagination.


The Horrors' Tom Furse announces new solo album ‘Ecstatic Meditations’

The Horrors synthesist Tom Furse has announced his new solo album ‘Ecstatic Meditations’, which is set for


I foraged a snake plant cutting from Easton Mall in Ohio a few months ago... didn’t realize they are slow growers, and also haven’t managed to get proper soil for it yet. But so ecstatic to see this guy finally started to grow some roots! I honestly thought it wouldn’t happen.

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Found these in the abandoned house next to my buddy's. Turns out "If You Want Blood" had a different record in it. But other than that I'm ecstatic

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In April, this garage looked like an episode of Hoarders. Today, I'm ecstatic to say I've finally joined the ranks.

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Ecstatic | Definition of Ecstatic by Merriam-Webster


Ecstatic definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary


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