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Extastic.com is for Sale!

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Werner Herzog explores a strange business in Family Romance, LLC

In mixing fiction and nonfiction, the great German director fails to find the ecstatic truth in the Japanese r


I’m not the best player? But when I pulled this off I was ecSTATIC... Get it?

Posted in r/apexlegends by u/Dill_P1 • 3,183 points and 79 comments


‘This is great to see her. I am ecstatic': After months of waiting during COVID-19 pandemic, some nursing homes are allowing visitors

State health officials have began allowing visitors again at some nursing homes, including a pair of facilitie


Ecstatic Liverpool FC fans party on the streets

Supporters gather at Anfield and throughout the city to celebrate the club's Premier League win.


So my little brother has been playing skyrim (hes 9) and just discovered the mushroom houses in solstheim. And went absolutley ecstatic. Reminds me of my uncle introducing it to me when I was little and how facinated i was with the game.

Posted in r/skyrim by u/thicc_cucumbers555 • 415 points and 32 comments


What we're reading: Trixie And Katya’s Guide To Modern Womanhood

Plus: Interdisciplinary artist Harry Dodge's ecstatic first book.


Black Sabbath’s Black Lives Matter Shirt Is Great

In 1971, Black Sabbath released Master Of Reality, their third album. It fucking rules. It's so good. Mas


Lady Gaga's Chromatica Shoots for Another Planet, But Lands Right Back on Earth

Lady Gaga’s return to dance music was supposed to be spectacular. For years, since 2013's critically ma


High School Senior with Cerebral Palsy Shocks Classmates as He Walks Across Stage at Graduation

"It was a wonderful, surreal moment and he was ecstatic," Jeff Wittrock said of his son Hunter


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