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The Controlled Impact Demonstration was an experiment conducted by NASA and the FAA at Dryden/Armstrong Flight Research Facility at Edwards Air Force Base in California that intentionally crashed a remotely controlled Boeing 720 aircraft. 1 December 1984 (NASA) [3,030 × 2,032]

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The FAA is opening the door a crack for self-flying drones like Skydio to reach their potential

No need to keep an eye on these bridge inspectors


A very cool/informative graph I found on the FAA safety briefing twitter page regarding ADM. (discussion in comments)

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I found out last week that this tape is so you can align the tail with the center of the hangar when pushing back in. I thought it was to identify which hangar was ours. I’ve been a student using this hangar for two years. It’s nice of the FAA to let dumb people be pilots too.

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Prominent Lawyer Steve Barnes of Cellino & Barnes Dead Alongside Niece After His Small Plane Crashes

The single-engine plane crashed in a wooded area near Pembroke around 11:45 a.m., the FAA confirms to PEOPLE


Landmark FAA waiver granted for Verizon drones during Big Hollow fire - Video

With much of the west burning, a first-ever FAA waiver loosens regulations for drones.


737 Max recertification is in the home stretch, says FAA chief

After piloting the grounded airliner on a test flight, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson says he likes what he s


Landmark waiver lets drones fly into fire

With much of the west burning, a first-ever FAA waiver loosens regulations for drones.


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Attention Aircraft Buyers


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