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Massive DNA ‘Borg’ structures perplex scientists

Researchers say they have discovered unique and exciting DNA strands in the mud — others aren’t sure of th

nonstandard mcdonald's KICKSTARTER FINAL WEEK! on Twitter

“happy #NationalFrenchFryDay! here are some nonstandard mcdonald's locations that honor the humble fren

How Italian Rockers Måneskin's Terrible Four Seasons Cover From 2017 Took Over Spotify

Måneskin, a darkly glammed-out and transcendently trashy hard rock quartet from Rome, have been ruling the in

80 years before Mayweather vs McGregor, Britain’s Bombardier Billy Wells tackled a star from another combat sport - Boxing News

Mayweather vs McGregor wasn't the first novelty fight, Bombardier Billy Wells took part in one in 1938

Goldstein Museum on Twitter

“This 1936-1943 black felt hat is made by another January birthday designer - John W. Thomas. With a novelty

The X-ray Craze of 1896

For many science-obsessed Victorians, X-rays were not just a fun novelty, but a potential miracle cure. souvenirs


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