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How eCommerce, memberships and donations are helping diversify revenues during COVID-19 | What’s New in Publishing | Digital Publishing News

If nothing else, the impact of the coronavirus has highlighted the fragility of digital publishing. There’s

Outside and inside the CTV channel: how can marketers take advantage of Roku’s reach?

Connected TV (CTV) has become an all-encompassing channel for marketers looking to maximize reach and build th

The best campaign ads of this election cycle

If you still can’t get enough political advertising (or you turned on Netflix), here’s a guide to the eigh

The advertising elephant

Apple iPhone 12 Drop Test Proves If Screens Are As Accident-Proof As Advertised

The new Ceramic Shield screens are touted to be “tougher than any smartphone glass,” with 4X better drop p

Bruce Springsteen narrates Joe Biden campaign advertisement

Bruce Springsteen has lent his voice and music to a Joe Biden campaign advertisement, just days before the US

All change for London and the creative map of the UK?

Covid and Brexit threaten to alter London’s status as a super-hub for the creative industries. But how much


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