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Why did Epic publish Fortnite on Google Play?

Why did Epic publish Fortnite on Google Play?. Mobile marketing and advertising, freemium monetization strateg

How Chef Wesley Altuna’s Filipino Delivery Restaurant Is Taking Over Toronto

After losing his advertising job due to the pandemic, Altuna started selling classic Filipino dishes over Inst

Is Byron Sharp right to say the best response to Covid-19 was to stop advertising?

Sharp made the comments in an interview with Campaign.

Trump ads push baseless Biden earpiece conspiracy

New Facebook advertising paid for by the Trump campaign makes unfounded claims about his opponent.

Would you pay to follow an influencer?

Spooked by plummeting advertising revenue, content creators are hoping that loyal fans will pay up to watch th

Why advertising needs to stop the shaming

Most advertising makes us unhappy: it’s designed to set unrealistic standards that make us feel ashamed of h

‘Advertising was a canary in the mine’: Keith Weed hails industry’s Covid-19 response

Harriet Kingaby, co-chair of the Conscious Advertising Network, and Chris Kenna, chief executive of Brand Adva

The future of identity in a post-cookie world

In a bid to create a relevant online consumer experience, advertisers have long relied on data and cookies to

Free ebook: 7 signs you may have an advertising conversion problem

In digital advertising, good decisions are driven by meaningful data. But today’s advertisers are faced with


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