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Floralwebsites.com is for Sale!

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Soap Bubbles Can Pollinate Flowers, but Can They Replace Bees?

New research shows that carefully calibrated soap bubbles cause pear trees to bear fruit


How Milton Glaser Came to Design the Iconic Poster of Bob Dylan

The 1966 illustration of the folk-rock icon captured the psychadelic dazzle of the flower-power era


Lady Gaga wants to be Billie Eilish’s mentor

The ‘Stupid Love’ singer has revealed that she sent the 18-year-old musician flowers after her Grammy swee


Bubble-blowing drones may one day aid artificial pollination

Drones are too clumsy to rub pollen on flowers and not damage them. But blowing pollen-laden bubbles may help


Ariana Grande Raises The Bar On Themed Parties

Time to break out the fake flowers!


How to dry flowers and decorate with them

Floral design studio Worm London share their tips on which flowers to dry, the different methods for drying, a


Motorcyclist dies weeks after hit-and-run on I-57 in Markham

Jiar A. Flowers-Milliner, 23, was thrown from his seat and landed on the roadway, where he was hit by a vehicl


Update on corpse flower. It bloomed early this morning! It's already starting to close up. But, it still smells horrible (think rotting beef left in the sun). Also, we found a second flowering off of the main corm. We have no idea what to expect of that one as it's vary rare to have that happen.

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This is what artichokes look like if you let them flower

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