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People’s notions about AI are terrible, an MIT study asks whether they can be helped

Mistaken notions of AI agency could be helped by hands-on learning, argues MIT scholar Ziv Epstein.

Designer of the Day: Claudia & Harry Washington – SURFACE

Claudia and Harry Washington founded C&H Washington Studio on the notion that design should connect people

Which monads Haskell developers use: An exploratory study

Monads are a mechanism for embedding and reasoning about notions of computation such as mutable state, I/O, ex

PVOD For Top Studio Films Is “Failed Experiment”, Imax CEO Rich Gelfond Declares

Imax CEO Rich Gelfond rejects the popular notion that premium video on demand is the future for blockbuster mo

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial: What Do We Have In Common

The notion of “commons” unites open resources of any kind: natural, cultural, spatial, material and immate

Jordana - "Divine"

It's been a busy, productive year for the young songwriter Jordana Nye. Back in March, she re-released he

January Jones’s Very Un-Betty Draper Quarantine

A scroll through Jones’s Instagram feed in recent months debunks the shallow notion that she’s her “Mad

Do We Have Victorians to Thank for Consumerism?

American domestic life circa 2020 feels far removed from that of the 19th-century Londoner or Liverpudlian. Bu

Bob Mould - "Siberian Butterfly"

We're nearing the release of Bob Mould's new album Blue Hearts, and today the punk-rock legend is sh


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“Nothing is so aggravating as calmness.”

Oscar Wilde