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CDC Creates 45-Second Tutorial On Making Your Own Face Mask Sans Sewing Skills

One of the most effective materials for homemade masks is a high-thread pillowcase.

My 90 year old grandpa is sewing the holes my dog made in her favorite toy.

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Video: How to Make a No-Sew Bandana Face Mask, According to the CDC

Here's how to make a DIY bandana face mask—no sewing machine necessary. All it takes is a bandana or cl

Sewing up a crack on one of the most iconic faces in Canada.

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These are the best sewing machines for fixing old clothes, dressmaking and customising your favourite pieces

Bless your old garms with a new lease of life.

How to Create a Homemade Face Mask for Added Protection

The CDC now recommends wearing a cloth face covering. Here's how to sew your own DIY face mask, plus no-s

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Love sewing a zipper skirt, dress or blouse? Here you’ll learn how to sew a zipper on a skirt with a quick a

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“Look at this amazing Girl Scouts Dad! I’m not crafty and don’t have a lot of time, so I suggested that


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