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Superluminal Motion-Assisted 4-Dimensional Light-in-Flight Imaging

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What do you think reddit? 7 years in the making (reuploaded so the image is more aligned)

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Turmoil behind the scenes at talk shows then and now

This was not a good week for Ellen DeGeneres, whose image has taken a serious hit over allegations that her lo


15 Photos That Celebrate The Beauty Of Breastfeeding

Two photographers created a breastfeeding image contest. These are the stunning finalists.


[self] Wanted to share this image of my OC Jedi look taken the other night

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Budgerigars Also known as budgies are a species of parakeet native to Australia. They are the 3rd most commonly kept pet after cats and dogs. The two in the image are mine named rocket and emerald they are around 4 months old

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How to design image like this?

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