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Resident Evil Village Food Guide - Where To Find All Ingredients

The Duke in Resident Evil Village will make meals for you that upgrade your health, movement speed, and guardi

Kendall Jenner Hits Back At People Who Say She Can’t Have Anxiety Because She’s Privileged

Kendall Jenner has opened up about her struggle with anxiety, as part of a new video series exploring mental h

Mental Health Worsened For A Quarter Of Those Receiving Remote Support During Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak had a major impact on us all, but a recent study has revealed that mental health wors

How Systemic Racism Continues To Determine Black Health And Wealth In Chicago

There is a 30-year gap in the life expectancies of some Black and white Chicagoans. Journalist Linda Villarosa

Experts brace for a long-term impact on mental health after the pandemic

Mental health researchers have studied the impact of disasters, emergencies, and health crises for years. But

Today's Republicans are cartoon villains — who pose a dire threat to America's health and safety

Republicans are behaving like sullen children with overly obvious evil plans. That makes them more dangerous


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