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Hvalsey church, the best preserved Norse ruins in Greenland. It hosted the wedding of Thorstein Olafsson and Sigrid Björnsdóttir on either 14 or 16 September 1408. It is located in the abandoned Greenlandic/Norse settlement of Hvalsey, (now Qaqortoq) on the southern tip of Greenland. [3648 x 2736]

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Iranian hackers restart attacks on universities as the new school year begins

This time they hosted phishing servers in Iran, immune to any takedown attempts.

Hoda Kotb Celebrates 'Good People All Around' After Stranger Returns Her Lost Phone

The Today show host called a Good Samaritan named Stan Levine "the greatest guy" after he returned a

NBC to host Trump town hall exactly the same time as Biden's

After bailing on a virtual debate, the president's petulance is rewarded.


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