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‘Eye-watering’ TV inflation to drive incremental CPMs up 19%

Forecast comes from Warc, which points out that the UK is not the only country affected.

ViacomCBS Completes ‘Off the Hook’ Upfront Talks

Execs had predicted 'new watermarks' in broadcast and cable CPM increases.

The download, podcasting’s metric king, gets dethroned

"Measuring podcast success and setting advertising rates on a faulty CPM formula built on an inflated uni

Automotive, education publishers hit hard by malvertising attacks during the coronavirus crisis

With CPMs down as some large advertisers pulled their spending at the start of the second quarter, ad fraudste

74% of publishers have seen ad CPMs drop

About 74% of 127 publishing executives surveyed by Digiday this month said the crises have driven ad CPMs down


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