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Twitter may have to pay hundreds of millions in fines for privacy screw-up

At issue is the 2019 revelation that Twitter used some users' phone numbers for advertising, even though


'In awe' of Alan Parker: acclaimed ad and film director dies aged 76

His egalitarian approach helped to set UK advertising on a new course in the 1970s, before he moved into film.


Twitter faces $250 million FTC fine for misusing emails and phone numbers

Emails and phone numbers were used for advertising instead of security purposes.


Movie Theater Advertiser National CineMedia Q2 Sales Sink 96% — A Preview Of Exhibition Woe

National CineMedia isn’t a movie chain but it’s the nation’s largest cinema advertising network and it s


Radiocentre: Business as Usual

Radiocentre, the industry body for commercial radio, has launched an ad campaign amid the coronavirus outbreak


Google launches Chrome extension for ad transparency, Trust Token API

Google has taken new steps towards its grand master plan to revamp the online advertising ecosystem.


It’s time we had an adult conversation about PornHub’s free pass in ad land

PornHub has made use of brave, innovative and disruptive advertising and stunts as it grew to become the large


If we want clients to advertise, we should be advertising ourselves

The founder of London Advertising explains why his agency has run an ad campaign about itself in response to t


Apple and Microsoft just proved the power of advertising

What can a newly-revealed tale about Apple seeing an Amazon ad and Microsoft's apparent interest in buyin


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