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U.S. Joins 7 Other Countries In Signing Artemis Accord For Moon Exploration

NASA announced that the United States along with seven other nations have signed the Artemis Accords, an inter


Samsung Parodies Chanel’s Brad Pitt Perfume Ad To Promote Its Washing Machines

The ad features Olympian gymnast Max Whitlock performing stunts on the machine.


Facebook had the chance to stop Biden Ukraine misinformation before, but opted not to

The company says it will stem the spread of smears it once took money to promote.


Ex-Navy SEAL Involved in Bin Laden Raid Shuts Down Baseless Conspiracy Theory Promoted by Trump

A former Navy SEAL pushed back against a baseless conspiracy theory that was promoted by Trump, about the 2011


Wayne Coyne’s Bubble Full of Thoughts

Flaming Lips’ leader on COVID, community, and promoting pet causes on social media.


The Chainsmokers' Promoters Fined $20,000 For Concert During Pandemic

Following an investigation into the Chainsmokers' concert in the Hamptons during the COVID-19 pandemic, t


Watch Grace Jones as a furry in this obscure 80s ad

The iconic musician slips into a polar bear costume to promote ‘fabulous’ wine coolers, because of course


Southampton promoter fined $20,000 for hosting a Chainsmokers concert during the pandemic

Promoters behind the Chainsmokers' very non-socially distant Hamptons concert have been slapped on the wr


The Promoter Of The Chainsmokers Concert In The Hamptons Was Fined $20,000 For Coronavirus Health Violations

An investigation found that the promoter did not mention in a permit application for the event that there woul


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