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"Throwing a hissyfit": Rand Paul criticized for accusing Dr. Anthony Fauci of promoting “undue fear”

"We shouldn’t presume that a group of experts somehow knows what’s best for everyone," the Repub


Pence Masks Up While Trump Keeps Dog-Whistling

Americans needs to get the message about masks, but the president’s too busy promoting white supremacists.


'Bar Lives Matter' concert promoted by Texas bar owner protesting of governor's orders against coronavirus

The coronavirus is thrilled to learn that a bar owner in Texas is organizing a ‘Bar Lives Matter’ concert


Kellogg's is releasing Green Onion-flavored Chex, and the commercial is absolutely bonkers

In 2004, the Kellogg’s Corporation in Korea decided to hold a promotional contest where people could vote fo


Why Event Stream Processing Is Leading the New Big Data Era

Big Data is probably one of the most misused words of the last decade. It was widely promoted, discussed, and


Facebook removes hundreds of boogaloo accounts for 'promoting violence' in coordinated takedown

Facebook on Tuesday removed hundreds of accounts and groups associated with a violent network of the far-right


'A dark past': MVPs say time to pull Landis name off plaques

NEW YORK (AP) - Something still bothers Barry Larkin about his Most Valuable Player award. The other name engr


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