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The Best Chess Player of All Time Taught a Brutally Honest Lesson in Emotional Intelligence. Here's What You Can Learn From It

What do you do after making a major mistake? Take a page out of Garry Kasparov's playbook.

A Skin-Care Entrepreneur, Derm & Acne Influencer Get Honest About Their Breakouts

A skin-care entrepreneur, a dermatologist, and an acne influencer share their personal experiences with acne t

Glossier Just Launched the Moisturizer My Acne-Prone Skin Has Been Dreaming Of

Glossier just launched an oil-free version of its cult-loved Priming Moisturizer. Click here for our beauty ed

Busy Philipps’ Honest Quotes About Motherhood, Marriage, More

How Former NFL Star Victor Cruz Talks to Daughter, 8, About Racism: 'Being Honest Is the Best'

Victor Cruz says he tells daughter Kennedy, 8, that she "will always be strong and confident and feel emp

Chrissy Teigen Is Being Praised For Sharing A Super Honest Photo And Caption About Her Latest Pap Smear

"Don't forget to keep up with your paps and have your boobs touched even though the world is ending!

One Woman Gets Super Honest About All the Ways Pregnancy Changes Your Body

"You may not recognize your own body anymore, but you need to give it time."

We Don’t Need to Cancel George Washington. But We Should Be Honest About Who He Was.

We can only have have a real discussion about monuments if we can first agree on the same premise.

Bon Iver: i,i

On his fourth album, Justin Vernon reassembles the familiar Bon Iver elements like a cubist collage, with his


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