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The making of an advertisement

The making of an advertisement

You Can't Afford to Be Caught Off Guard in 2021

The privacy trends and topics that will dominate advertising.

Special Report: Advertising on Election Misinformation - NewsGuard

But an analysis of programmatic advertising data shows that many of the world’s largest and most trusted bra

Google Completes Fitbit Acquisition Even Though DOJ Hasn't Officially Weighed In

Google has promised not to combine Fitbit data with Google’s advertising business over the next decade.

Guardian Media Group hires new advertising chief

Claire Blunt has been chief financial, operations and data officer for Hearst Europe.

The test of AdNauseam.

A researcher reports the results of an experiment, designed to test whether a browser plugin called AdNauseam,

✖ Music's TV opportunity: connected TVs and advertising revenues

And: Ghost Festival; NFTs; LÜM; cancelled tours; CES; what we can learn from improv

Criteo and The Drum forecast retail media will be key in 2021

The rise in retail media is one of the hottest topics in marketing today. There has been an estimated 80% incr

Facebook Has Been Showing Military Gear Ads Next To Insurrection Posts

Earlier this week, Facebook employees warned that military product ads were being advertised against news abou


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