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Reports of Liberalism's Death—A Reply to Yoram Hazony

Funeral dirges for liberalism are all the rage these days: google “liberalism is over,” and you’ll disco

The Crude Nitrobenzene that I synthesised . Its being washed with water to remove free acid. Nitrobenzene being denser and insoluble in water is seen at the bottom. smaller blobs of nitrobenzene is seen floating in the water layyer and is settling down, the larger blobs are coalescing to big blob

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Woman Just Wants To Date Guy Who Can Make Her Laugh, Like Cartman

SAN FRANCISCO—Admitting that it was tough sometimes to find a man who shared her crude, unfiltered sense of

Netanyahu ‘fabricated’ video to influence US policy on Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a crudely doctored video clip of Mahmoud Abbas, showing the Pal

Can Masks Function as a Crude Vaccine?

A new theory suggests masks lead to less severe infections that still offer immunity

The ‘AT&T Girl’ Opens Up About Online Sexual Harassment Because Of Her Ads

AT&T had to disable comments because of crude remarks aimed at the actress.

Purified crystals of Hippuric Acid . It was prepared very easily by benzoylation of glycine with benzoyl chloride. The crude compound obtained was recrystallised from hot water. (Hippuric acid is very well soluble in hot water but sparingly in cold . prep video link in comments. do give your views.

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Crude Oil Prices Today |


Crude Oil Prices: Brent and WTI Price Chart, Forecast & News


Oil | Definition of Oil by Merriam-Webster

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