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Olympians Get Real About Depression and the Pressure to Perform in a New Documentary

The Weight of Gold, a documentary on Olympians' mental health struggles, premieres on HBO on July 29 and

A Short Walk on the Beach Can Improve Your Mental Health, Study Suggests

A new study from researchers at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health has found that even a short walk on

This Is Why We're All Making Depression Memes

Social media may be riddled with harassment and abuse, but it’s become a safe space to be fragile — in a w

Are the Accutane side effects really worth it? | Well+Good

From dry skin to depression, there are many reported Accutane side effects. Here, MDs weigh in on whether its

Bright Outdoor Lights Tied to Less Sleep, More Anxiety in Teenagers

The more intense the lighting in teenagers’ neighborhoods, the poorer their sleep and the greater their risk

Lockdown has had a detrimental impact on young people’s mental health

New research shows how stay-at-home orders have exacerbated stress, anxiety, and depression among those aged 2

A pendant I designed for a client in depression: "Cloudy with a chance of precious little gems" (digital render, real thing in comments)

106 votes and 4 comments so far on Reddit

Living With Someone With Depression? Psychologists Share Tips on How to Help

The coronavirus pandemic has meant sudden changes to our daily lives, with restrictions on free movement, impo

Kid Cudi Opens Up About Living with Anxiety and Depression: 'I Turn My Pain Into Music'

Kid Cudi shared a powerful statement in a new video for WETA, the PBS station in Washington D.C.


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