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Sunset by the farm (OC)

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PoPoShang, YunShangJin Village Hotel / Beiwei 30 Architectural Design

Completed in 2019 in Chengdu, China. Images by Ling Wang, George. PoPoShang Organic farm is an hour's dri

HAPPYCOW, A Giant Spinning Brush That Cows Rub Up Against to Clean Themselves

The HAPPYCOW is a giant spinning hourglass-shaped brush created by German farming equipment company Kerbl that

Someone Has Recorded How Foxes Sound When They’re Enjoying Belly Rubs And It’s Too Cute

Ever since the viral video of the song The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) was released in 2013, many of us reali

I/thee builds prototype papier-mache home on Texas cattle farm

Nearly 300 pounds of paper was cast in large holes in the ground before being flipped over to create the Agg H

Sade Is Spending Quarantine with Her Goddaughter: 'No Ordinary Love' Singer Shares Rare Photo

Sade told British Vogue she's been social distancing at her farm in the West Country amid the coronavirus

How To Ripen Peaches

Peaches rock hard? Read on to find out the best way to help them turn ripe and juicy. And also find out how to

We're ‘finished’ if we don't change after coronavirus, warns naturalist Jane Goodall

The leading primatologist says we need to change the way we think about and farm animals, to avoid spreading z

Small, smart, community-owned solar farm planned for NSW High Country

Specialist small PV project developer Meralli Solar and community renewables outfit Farming the Sun are joinin


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