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Google and Apple boot 59 banned Chinese apps in India from their app stores

Two days after India banned 59 Chinese apps over security and privacy concerns, these apps are removed from th

The next cybersecurity headache: Employees know the rules but just don't care

Employees are still ignoring cyber security best practice despite being more aware of the risks.

U.S. Border Closure With Canada and Mexico Extended to July (Video)

The U.S. has extended its border closures with Canada and Mexico to July, according to the Department of Homel

Android security: This fake message about a missed delivery leads to data-stealing malware

FakeSpy malware spreads via SMS phishing, using each infected victim to further distribute itself - and resear

Microsoft releases emergency security update to fix two bugs in Windows codecs

Security updates have been silently deployed to customers on Tuesday through the Windows Store app.

UK’s unsung cyber security heroes sought

Nominations have opened for the fifth annual Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards


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