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Woman's Fire Response To Being Told She's Too Weak For A Landscaping Job Goes Viral

A Twitter user named Dan shared a bizarre email his sister Charlotte received after inquiring about a landscap

Raphael Varane pens heartfelt goodbye message to Real Madrid

Usually when you leave a job you send a quick email round the office after being handed a tin of Celebrations

Woman Slaps Down Belittling Response To Her Landscaping Job Application

A woman who applied for a landscaping job received a sexist and belittling response, so sent a hilariously fie

A Series of Joy and Comfort: Revisiting CJ Cherryh's FOREIGNER

I wrote a big review about CJ Cherryh's Foreigner series 4 years ago. You can read it here. I was behind

Military Leaders Use This Brilliant Tactic to Write Effective Emails

Smart email writers start with the bottom line.


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