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Hurry once it's sold this opportunity will be gone!

Why it’s easy to root for Brian Flores, Bill Belichick’s former apprentice and next opponent

Flores not only seems to be turning the Dolphins around, but he also is a wise voice in the NFL's convers

Trump’s criminal justice policy, explained

Trump has claimed he’s "tough on crime" and for "law and order." Here’s what that real

What Liberals Get Wrong About Work

Unfettered markets and a rampant culture of meritocracy have eroded the rewards and dignity of work for most A

University's Center for Social Justice and Inclusion Hosts Race-Segregated Virtual Events

University of Michigan-Dearborn offers one discussion space for students of color, and another for whites.

McG reminds fans he's got his own cut of Terminator Salvation, too

In the wake of the decision to release Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League, McG would like to remind you

Saying the Quiet Part Loud (Again): Trump’s SCOTUS Shortlist Leaves No Question About What He Wants to Do With Roe

He seems to be looking for his most extreme justice yet.

Department of Justice to Pick Up Trump’s Laundry

Attorney General William Barr said that the D.O.J. would assume full responsibility for dropping off and picki

Trump Adds Cotton, Cruz, and Hawley to His Supreme Court Prospect List

If you think a Justice Kavanaugh is bad, consider Justice Cotton, Justice Cruz, or Justice Hawley.

Ireland asks Facebook to stop sending EU user data to the US

It follows a legal decision by the EU Court of Justice on privacy standards.


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