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Ex-Apple exec: Apple's Arm-based silicon will speed end of Microsoft Windows-Intel duopoly

Apple silicon will force the whole PC industry to Arm architecture chips, argues former Apple exec Jean-Louis

🔥 With no time to switch his camera to high speed, photographer Paul Rifkin writes, "I watched the stork and as soon as it flapped its wings I shot one shot."

917 votes and 18 comments so far on Reddit

Deck out your ride with an Arduino-controlled spoiler

Car spoilers can provide downforce for better performance, or simply give the appearance of speed. To take thi

Porn’s ‘seismic shift': A Q&A with director Shine Louise Houston

by Lux Alptraum Warning: Some photos featured NSFW. In the mid-2000s, porn was going through a seismic shift.

Global Warming. Inequality. COVID-19. And Al Gore is...optimistic?

He says all our crises are speeding us toward real solutions.

Shocked by The Old Guard's Ending? Here's a Breakdown of That Final Twist

Netflix's The Old Guard tumbled into our queues at full speed, giving us Charlize Theron as a kickass imm

You Should Waffle Slices of Frozen Pound Cake

Frozen cake is an underrated convenience item, and Sara Lee makes a pretty good one. The All Butter Pound Cake

Railway Construction Exposes Iron Age ‘Murder Mystery,' Among Other Finds

Preparatory work for a high-speed rail project in Britain has resulted in some interesting archaeological disc

World's Next Supersonic Commercial Aircraft Since Concorde Will Fly Next Year

The next supersonic aircraft is coming and it's going to be ready for launch in October this year. The fi


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Speed | Definition of Speed by Merriam-Webster


Speakeasy Internet Speed Test - Check Your Broadband Speed ...

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