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Comparing how different devices display the SSID "á̶̛̛̓̿̈͐͆̐̇̒̑̈́͘͝aaa"

After my recent post Setting the SSID of a Fios Home Router to an emoji I decided to set my WiFis SSID to “a

Connected Thermometer ESP32

I made this thermometer connected to install it in my living room. It has a Wifi connection and a long operati

Cox Claims It Can Reduce Your Gaming Lag If You Cough Up Some Cash

Cox has officially rolled out its own “Elite Gamer” internet add-on service in the U.S., something it star

80,000 printers are exposing their IPP port online

Printers are leaking device names, locations, models, firmware versions, organization names, and even WiFi SSI

Hot Wi-Fi deal: Get a Google Wifi 3-pack for $175

It's a refurbished first-gen system, but it's cheaper than Walmart's refurbished 2-pack.

Wireless is a trap

I used to be an anti-wire crusader. I hated the clutter of cables, and my tendency to unconsciously chew on th


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