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Sequoia National Forest Hot Tip: print or screen shot directions and info before you go, because there’s no cell signal up there. 😳 We almost missed Dome Rock because we couldn’t find it.

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Climate change could be making forests shorter – this is how

Rising temperatures can limit photosynthesis, stunting growth in young trees, while forest loss disproportiona

This is moss agate from Indonesia, the ''moss'' is actually iron and other mineral inclusions in the stone that make it look like it contains a secret forest!

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Random Forest Classification explained in detail and developed in R

In supervised machine learning algorithms, Random Forest stands apart as it is arguably the most powerful clas

Construct Your Own Bayeux Tapestry with This Free Online App

A wise woman once quoth that one man’s adult coloring book is another’s Medieval Tapestry Edit. If taking

How Europe can fix its forests data gap

The European Union must improve how it collects forest data, which are essential to its ambitions in biodivers

A patriotic forest takes root to fight a stubborn, invisible — and deadly — enemy

More than 8,000 flags fly as emblems of resolve against a pandemic.

Forest harvesting in Europe threatens climate goals: study

A dramatic shift in forest harvesting to meet increased demand for wood could threaten the European Union&#x27

Just a forest road under a beautiful milky way [OC]

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