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The Jerky Boys: "If you've already got the notion that you're gonna be offended, I can't help you."

The Jerky Boys: "If you've already got the notion that you're gonna be offended, I can't h

More than 10mil users installed Android apps that showed out-of-context ads

Google has removed all 164 offending Android apps from its official Play Store.

27 Funny "WandaVision" Tweets About The Premiere That Will Make You Laugh, Shout, And Scream

Somewhere, Thanos is offended.

Trump Reportedly Told Aides Not to Pay Giuliani for His Efforts in Attempting to Overturn Election

Trump was reportedly offended by his attorney's request for $20,000 a day. Sources claim officials have s

Stephen Merchant’s BBC/Amazon Series ‘The Offenders’ Renewed For Second Season

EXCLUSIVE: BBC One and Amazon’s Stephen Merchant series The Offenders has been renewed for a second season b

Big Talk CEO Kenton Allen On ‘The Offenders’ Renewal; Getting ‘Back’ Back On Channel 4/Sundance; The End Of ‘Friday Night Dinner’

Big Talk Productions CEO Kenton Allen is typically straight when reflecting on 2020. “A disaster,” he says

First US Execution Of Female Inmate In Almost Seven Decades Halted

The execution of the only female on death row has been halted by a judge, on the grounds of needing to determi


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