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Rudy Giuliani releases audio of Biden in Ukraine that shows Biden … was telling the truth all along

What was the most important story in the world? Was it emails? Server? Something to do with mustard? Oh, yeah.

See Inuyasha, Set 1

Kagome Higurashi, an average ninth grader, gets pulled into an ancient well by a demon, bringing her 500 years

Apple Is Giving AirPods Pro A Free Upgrade Promising Theater-Quality Sound

Spatial Audio replicates a theater sound system by targeting audio from every direction.

Danielle Allen on the radicalism of the American revolution — and its lessons for today from The Ezra Klein Show

Listen to The Ezra Klein Show episodes free, on demand. My first conversation with Harvard political theorist

Apex Mating Call (audio)

Posted in r/apexlegends by u/LozengeWarrior • 7,286 points and 136 comments

JLab Audio Talk Pro review: A Twitch-ready USB mic for streamers on the go

A decent start for JLab's first line of USB mics.

Apple's new spatial audio headphone feature should have Bose and Sony worried

Commentary: The AirPods Pro are getting simulated surround sound. But it could also be the secret sauce in its


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