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Hong Kong Mall Hilariously Replaces Racy Pin-Up Girls After Takedown Complaint

The mall abided by takedown complaints, but not in the way locals had wished for.

16th St Mall in Downtown Denver

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California Museums Are Angry That Shopping Malls Can Open While They Remain Closed

In California, businesses like shopping malls have been permitted to reopen while museums are lumped into a ca

Holiday shopping as we know it is over — just ask seasonal workers

Seasonal mall jobs are scarce this year, but there are tons of warehouse gigs.

Inside an Abandoned Mall in Tangerang, Indonesia. It’s been closed since 2012. Locals have reported many sightings and hauntings happening around the area. Now it’s a popular place for Test of Courage.

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Why Does Netflix Hate Chicago?

Holidate, Emily in Paris, and The Princess Switch all make the city seem like a mall-clogged wasteland of Cubs

Mall Operators CBL, PREIT File for Bankruptcy Protection

The pandemic and shutdowns forced the landlords to restructure with lenders in bankruptcy court.

Perfect Prime IR0280H fever detection thermal camera for COVID times

Perfect for monitoring schools, businesses, and malls.


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