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Big shout out to Dak Prescott for doubling down on his faith after a bad ankle injury. Let’s join together in prayer for a speedy recovery so this man can witness to the masses!

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Sent an update on our guy, you have to love the prayer candle. Someone started a Facebook page for him.

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Israel will place people’s digital prayers in Jerusalem’s Western Wall

The Western Wall is entering the 21st century.

John Legend Says He's 'In Awe' Of Chrissy In Emotional Tribute

John Legend posted a video of his Billboard performance on Instagram, performing a song that he dedicated to T

Prayer time in the nursery (Five Points House of Industry, New York. Photo by Jacob Riis, ca. 1889)

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22F with really low self-esteem. Had been asking God to make me beautiful externally so that someone would love me. Trying to redirect my prayers toward something that will last forever and truly help me serve Him 🌻

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First Lady Melania Trump: “My personal experience with COVID-19.”

I am happy to report that I have tested negative and hope to resume my duties as soon as I can. Along with thi

My prayer plant is blooming little flowers?! Sorry just wanted to share this with awesome people that might actually care lol :)

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The Art of Nonfiction No. 1

The last time this magazine spoke with Joan Didion, in August of 1977, she was living in California and had ju


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